feesOur firm does not charge any fee for your first telephone call and office consultation. If you choose to retain us, fees will be based on an hourly or contingency fee agreement drafted in compliance with the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct. We are always willing to discuss and consider special fee arrangements that are proper and accommodate the client’s needs, but generally fees are set as follows:

DEFENSE OF CRIMINAL AND CIVIL CASES: The firm charges at an hourly rate deducted from an initial retainer fee which is set based on the demands of each case. Our hourly rate is lower than the comparable market rate for our peers, but our initial retainer fee is often higher. This allows us to spend more time with a smaller group of clients to optimize our chances for continued success.

PROSECUTION OF CIVIL CASES: The firm handles civil cases on a one-third contingency fee. Under a contingency fee, the client only pays the firm a fee for legal services if a recovery is made through settlement or litigation. We also offer an hourly fee contract to handle the prosecution of civil cases and other types of civil cases where a contingency fee would be inappropriate.

We welcome any additional questions or concerns you may have about legal fees.